2014 DLDay Events

Events in Washington, DC

Here are the events

Alliance for Excellent Education Washington, D.C.
Event Type: National
The Alliance for Excellent Education is planning a high-profile national Digital Learning Day celebration on February 5, 2014 at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. The day-long series of activities is the hottest ticket in town; it’s jam-packed with high-profile dignitaries, policymakers, and educational leaders.

The Shepherd's Christian Home School Georgia
Event Type: Class
Our students will use digital cameras to capture pictures. Then blog about them.
Contact Althea Penn ([email protected]) for more information.

Allen Brook School Vermont
Event Type: Class
We will be using Skype to connect with other Kindergarten classes. We will also be creating a video about the tools we use and how they support our learning. I will post on YouTube and my class and professional blog.
http://davisonkindergarten.blogspot.com. http://kindergartenlife.wordpress.com
Contact Sharon Davison ([email protected]) for more information.

Mote Marine Laboratory Florida
Event Type: Other
SeaTrek brings high-energy, multimedia science programming right into the classroom using videoconferencing and Internet technology. SeaTrek will offer various marine science programming throughout the day.
Contact Kasey Gaylord-Opalewski ([email protected]) for more information.

New York
Event Type: District
The East Williston School District will be promoting Digital Safety to our students K - 12 on various topics that are age appropriate. This one day at the beginning of the school year will be a jump start for ongoing programs throughout the year.
Contact Rochelle Sroka ([email protected]) for more information.

Shields Elementary School Delaware
Event Type: Class
My students will be participating in a flipped Language Arts class. We have started it this year and are refining it each day.
Contact Kimberly Corbidge ([email protected]) for more information.

Option Pathway Program West Virginia
Event Type: Class
My program is designed similarly to the adult GED classroom. On February 5th, my students will be presenting a Tech Show. They will develop a digital story (ppt, Prezi, MovieMaker) about their entrance & participation in the program concluding with plans upon graduation.

Contact Trudy Parker ([email protected]) for more information.

Joint School District No. 2 Idaho
Event Type: District
Teacher/Student Showcase
Contact Bernadette Sexton ([email protected]) for more information.

Cesar Chavez Teacher Prep. Academy California
Event Type: District
Night: An Online Interdisciplinary Unit
Constructed by Mr. John Murillo
Based on the Historical Memoir, Night by Elie Wiesel
Original Manuscript, And the World Remained Silent

Young Adult Library Services Association ----
Event Type: National
Join YALSA for a Twitter chat from 2-3pm, eastern on 2/5/14 to explore ways libraries & afterschool providers can provide DIY programs and resources for & with teens. Use the hashtag #TTW

Flipped Learning Network ----
Event Type: Class
Experienced educators in Flipped Classrooms open their doors to allow interested educators, students and community members to see how Flipped Learning works and what happens when learning is turned on its head. Sign up to host a flipped class or to attend an open house!
Contact Kari Arfstrom ([email protected]) for more information.

morris slingluff elementary Alabama
Event Type: Class
With the use of Bill Nye The Science Guy app on the iPad, students are completing science experiments in groups of 2-4. In each group, there is a photographer and videographer, recorder, and reporter. Students are recording findings and comments on class blog through class website.

Contact Emily Fleming ([email protected]) for more information.

morris slingluff elementary Alabama
Event Type: Class
Fifth grade students are taking on the role of reporters and anchors as they use iPads to interview and record video. Using imovie on iPads and iMac, student edit video to complete a news broadcast. The broadcast is downloaded on school website for viewing.

Contact Beth Mustin ([email protected]) for more information.

Ohio Board of Regents Ohio
Event Type: State
The State of Ohio will join the nation in celebrating Digital Learning Day (DLD) on February 5, 2014. Ohio’s celebration will involve state and regional agencies, school districts, non-profit organizations, and legislators. The DLD events will include an online learning opportunity for students and teachers, sample profiles of “innovative schools” modeling mobile learning, and professional development opportunities for educators. DLD activities and themes will also be showcased and discussed at the annual Ohio Education Technology Conference (OETC), January 27-29, 2014. On Digital Learning Day, and throughout the month of February, Ohio will focus on resources to assist schools and districts to expand mobile and blended learning. Please join us as we celebrate and explore innovative learning facilitated by technology and the power of mobile learning. For additional information, please visit http://www.ohiodld.org or send email to [email protected]
Contact Verda McCoy ([email protected]) for more information.

Childersburg High School Alabama
Event Type: Class
Digital Learning Day Celebration!

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