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WV Department of Education West Virginia
Event Type: State
We will promote Digital Learning Days among all WV schools and ask teachers to let us know how they plan to celebrate digital learning. Then we will feature links, videos, documents, tweets, and other resources which showcase how schools celebrate the digital teaching and learning that takes place every single day in West Virginia's schools.
Contact John Miller ([email protected]) for more information.

Jennings Randolph Elementary West Virginia
Event Type: School
Parents will come in and experience digital learning with their children.

Contact Ellen Shepherd ([email protected]) for more information.

Mountainview Elementary West Virginia
Event Type: School
Coding with Scratch

West Virginia Wesleyan College, School of Education West Virginia
Event Type: School
Invitation for each class to attend the virtual conference. Students will be selecting a specific lesson from the Digital Learning Day website and map the lesson to the NETS-S standards. These will be archived on the web and submitted to

Contact Karen Petitto ([email protected]) for more information.

WV School for the Deaf West Virginia
Event Type: School
Students at the West Virginia Secondary School for the Deaf will be taking a virtual field trip and participate in a digital Pen Pal program.

Contact Toni Brothers ([email protected]) for more information.

West Virginia School for the Blind West Virginia
Event Type: School
Our Pre-K through Post-Graduate students will prepare a technology showcase entitled "Technology Through the Ages". Students will be videoed demonstrating how they use the various pieces of technology they've been given to complete tasks in their classes and prepare them for life after graduation. After editing, the video will be shown to parents, administrators, and any other interested parties.

Contact Donna Brown ([email protected]) for more information.

Point Pleasant Primary School West Virginia
Event Type: School
Title I is sponsoring an after school family night to showcase the digital resources available to our students and parents. Parents will rotate through 3 sessions on the smartboard, school website, and student activities.
Contact Elaine Matheny ([email protected]) for more information.

School Counselor West Virginia
Event Type: School

A.T. Allison Elementary School West Virginia
Event Type: School
our students will be using iPads to create books about their lessons,and trying out apps to make animations

RESA 6 West Virginia
Event Type: Regional

RESA 6 West Virginia
Event Type: Regional
We have been using a learning platform called Schoology to present Career readiness courses to our students. Our instructors are planning a workshop to share all our courses so students have access to all.

Beckley Elementary West Virginia
Event Type: National
For digital learning day in kindergarten, the students reviewed content of first what is an insect and secondly name an insect.. They were partnered with another student to do this. Then on their i-pads in educreations each child drew a picture of an insect and wrote the name of the insect on their i-pad.

Contact Quirina Bullock ([email protected]) for more information.

Marion County Schools West Virginia
Event Type: District
Teachers in our county will be using a variety technological resources throughout the day. Each school is documenting what is going on in their school.

Raleigh County School District West Virginia
Event Type: District
This is how Raleigh County Schools is going to celebrate Digital Learning Day.

All of our students in Grades 3 – 12 will develop an iMovie trailer with the theme: "How is the iPad initiative transforming education in Raleigh County?". Students in grades K – 2 will design a Keynote presentation on the same topic.

There will be a student contest announced on the county website on Digital Learning Day. Students will create public service announcements around the topic of "Why Raleigh County is a great place to live". We are getting the community involved and we will have an award event in April to award prizes to the winners.

We are very excited to participate in Digital Leaning Day in Raleigh County. If there is any additional information you would like to know, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Contact Mary Ann Foster ([email protected]) for more information.

Hardy County Schools West Virginia
Event Type: District
In my role as Core Curriculum Coach I plan to spend the day visiting schools and gathering information for a newspaper column celebrating the various activities in our schools recognizing digital learning day.

Contact Michael Funkhouser ([email protected]) for more information.

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