Student Debates                    

These student debates consist of an introduction to the topic by the moderator, a leading expert in the subject of the debate. After the brief intro, both classrooms will present their assigned side of the debate question, articulating main points with ample justification. Each classroom will then question the other classroom, i.e. challenge the opposite argument. The moderator will act as the discussion leader, helping direct the flow of conversation between the students. Finally, after each classroom has ended the debate with its closing arguments, the discussion will open up to classrooms watching virtually with an opportunity for a live Q&A with the moderator. 

Watch the archives of these student debates at the virtual conference! 

12:30 pm EST: Digital Footprint: Should colleges be allowed to take your 'digital footprint' (social media presence, Google results, etc.) into consideration when making their admissions decisions?

Moderator: Christoph Guttentag, Dean, Undergraduate Admissions, Duke University
Classrooms: El Capitan High School, Merced, CA and Ripon High School, Ripon, CA

1:30 pm EST: Coding Literacy: Should students be required to learn code (and computer science) in high school?
Moderator: Dana Ledyard, Girls Who Code
Classrooms: Crossroads South Middle School, Monmouth Junction, NJ and Adelson Educational Campus, Las Vegas, NV

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