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The Alliance for Excellent Education encourages all programs that interact with young learners, both in and out of school, to explore and learn more about the power of digital learning. Not only does digital learning have the power to expand learning beyond the traditional school day, it also increases equity and access; improves effectiveness and productivity of teachers and administrators; provides student-centered learning to ensure college and career readiness; and recognizes teachers as education designers.

Tools to Use

TASC: Digital Learning Beyond School video shows students engaged in digital learning beyond the traditional school day.

Introductory Game Design Summer Camp is a partnership between the Western Massachusetts Writing Project and a local vocational high school. Check out this video and blog post about how the summer camp inspired one teacher to think about the ways that gaming could be integrated into the school day.

Saving Our Stories (SOS) Project—developed by the Colorado State University Writing Project—offers fourth through sixth grade English Language Learners (ELLs) an opportunity to use digital media to combine the local history of Latinos in Fort Collins with their own family experiences. Through digital storytelling and multi-media compositions, they are able to capture the voices, hopes and ambitions of youth.

Institute of Play is a not-for-profit design studio dedicated to creating innovative experiences that make learning irresistible.  This set of seven video investigations, introduces a number of individuals—including technologists, scientists, mathematicians, architects, business people, and students—who are practicing the craft of game making and exploring the power of play.

Technovation Challenge’s mission is to support and inspire girls to become creators and innovators. The program offers high school girls an opportunity to learn about computer science and entrepreneurship by partnering with women in technology via an online course hosted on P2PU.  Together they bring their unique perspectives together to develop mobile phone applications that solve problems in their local communities.

YOUmedia: YOUmedia is an innovative learning space for teens. Designed to respond to the interests of young people, YOUmedia provides traditional and twenty-first century digital tools along with the adult mentoring needed to produce media, design and collaborate on projects, and share them with the world. Located in libraries, museums, and community centers, YOUmedia invites young people to learn anyplace, anytime.




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