Welcome to the English Language Arts Toolkit!

This toolkit includes collections of digital content tools to use; examples and tips from experts in the field; and links to proven lesson plans. We hope that you will dig into the ideas and examples shared by educators like you.

Tools to Use

Animoto - This site allows students to create videos. The students upload photos and music, or they can choose some from the site.  It also has the option to add your own video clips.

Awesome SAT Flash Cards - This website has lots of free flash cards to help students prepare for the SAT by improving their vocabulary, reinforced using visuals and examples of words' usage. The flash cards will soon be available through a free app for smartphones as well.

Glogster - Glogster is an online animated poster. Students can be creative by upload music, pictures, and videos along with adding graphics and text. Students can even add links to the pictures and videos.  

Inanimate Alice - “Inanimate Alice” is a multimedia, interactive narrative following the life of Alice, a developing video game designer. Through text, sound, images, music, and games, the story of Alice unfolds. Each of the episodes becomes increasingly interactive and game-like, reflecting Alice’s own developing skills as a game designer and animator. The story is available in five languages and is fully supported by lessons in a teacher education pack that can be downloaded for free. 

Rubric Maker – Rubric Maker creates customized assessments for student work for primary, elementary, middle, and high school. The default text has been written for each grade level. After choosing a title and grade level for the rubric, you will be able to choose and edit it.

Voicethread - Voicethread allows students to post pictures or video clips while commenting and/or annotating on each slide.

Wikispaces Classroom - Wikispaces Classroom is a social writing platform workspace where teachers and students can communicate and work on writing projects individually or in teams. It includes assessment tools to measure student contribution and engagement in real-time. 

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