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This toolkit includes tools to use; lesson plans; and tips from teachers. These resources include collections of digital content, examples and tips from experts in the field, and links to proven lesson plans. We hope that you will dig into the ideas and examples shared by educators like you.

Tools to Use

Building Engaging Applets with Geogebra. EDC's Ed Tech Leaders Online provides several webinars each year as Professional Development for educators.  Topics include: teaching online and developing digital content, i.e. building engaging applets with geogebra.

TenMarks Education offers an online math practice that is easy and fun for students, and allows teachers to monitor students’ progress easily and efficiently. Learn about how you can bring digital learning into your math classes through our webinars, which offer information on TenMarks Math, as well as professional development for preparing for the Common Core. TenMarks Math is free for teachers and helps students build confidence and improve outcomes.

Voicethread. Voicethread allows students to post pictures or video clips while commenting and/or annotating on each slide.  Some lessons that were used at Eminence Independent Schools (Eminence, KY) include a student-created math project of real world examples of the real number system. His voice was recorded explaining each example. Another math student taught a math lesson to the rest of the class using voicethread. Because he was shy, he didn't have to stand in front of the class. 

ST Math. Created by the MIND Research Institute, ST (Spatial-Temporal) Math  is game-based instructional software designed to increase math comprehension and proficiency, using language-independent animated representations of mathematical concepts to help students learn.

Texas Instruments. This website allows you to select the Texas Instruments technology you are using and find lessons and activities to use in your math class based on standards and topics covered. Activities include practice as well as interactive explorations to allow students a deeper understanding of a topic.

Wikis for Math. Multiple teachers use wikis for students to post work and collaborate. A high school math teacher at Eminence High School (Eminence, KY) had her students use flip video camera to create math lessons for others to view. Sometimes the students created math songs and they were videotaped. On the wiki, the teacher posted a question or reflection for the students to comment on. You can see other sample lessons on her webpage




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