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    These lesson plans were perhaps the most popular activity for last year's Digital Learning Day. The links provide a ready-made activity that you can use with your students on Digital Learning Day and beyond. You will see that each lesson includes a full lesson plan and a short video introduction from the Digital Learning Day teacher who submitted the lesson.

    If you plan to use a lesson on Digital Learning Day in your classroom or school, make sure to add this activity to our map. Visit the toolkits for more lesson plans, tools to use, and tips from teachers in specific areas!

    I Am Malala

    In this innovative lesson plan, students explore the power of social media in calling for change, while also improving their understanding of various cultures and social issues that impact other parts of the world.

    Video Introduction     Lesson Plan     Activity Rubric

    Inquiry-Based Research

    This great lesson has students practice online research skills by playing timed trivia games. Students then track their results using various charts and graphs.

    Video Lesson Plan

    Experiencing Poetry through Photo Story

    In this lesson, students will be taking some of their favorite poems and creating movies to go along with the poems using Windows Photo Story 3.

    Video Introduction     Lesson Plan

    Biomes and Ecoregions

    This great lesson plan has students create informative presentations about specific ecoregions and biomes that summarize the information they learn over the course of six weeks of study.

    Video Introduction     Lesson Plan

    Silent Movies and Nonverbal Communication

    In this lesson, students learn the importance of nonverbal communication by planning, filming, and editing a silent movie.

    Video Introduction     Lesson Plan

    Student Blogging: Ethical Issues in Communication

    Students learn about the importance of, and ethical aspects of, formal and informal communication choices by maintaining a blog on specific ethical topics selected by the teacher.

    Video Introduction     Lesson Plan



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