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These free tools can be used by all educators. Try one of these free tools to enhance your students' education experience!

Museum BoxMuseum Box is a site for building a virtual box for expressing arguments, explanations or descriptions of events, people, or ideas. Display text files, movies, photos, and much more in these interactive museum boxes. Great examples of museum boxes are provided, along with lesson suggestions, tutorials, and other materials for using the site.

MixbookMixbook is tool for creating photo books, digital scrapbooks, and yearbooks. Using Mixbook's powerful design software, students can synthesize learning by creating books which demonstrate mastery of concepts. Mixbook has a strong Education Program. This widely used site is trust by teachers. Outstanding examples of successful student projects are provided. Here is an example from a World History class:

PadletPadlet is the digital version of a wall for posting small notes. In seconds you can create a wall. Share the URL with students, participants in professional development, or other groups. Each person may then post to the wall and provide a link to a website, photo, etc. This tool is an ideal tool for formative assessment, brief discussion, quick research sharing, or recapping a lesson.

QuizletQuizlet is one of the most powerful free learning tools online today with dozens of outstanding learning features. Flashcards, practice quizzes, and games are popular with users as well as the ability to collaboratively create sets of content for study. The site is extremely user-friendly for all ages of learners. Quizlet's groups make it simple for a teacher to gather students together on the site for learning.

LivebindersWith today's complex digital environment, curation tools have become extremely valuable. Livebinders is a place to organize resources in an online binder. From ePortfolios, student projects, and lesson organizer to professional development aides, faculty handbook, and public relations tool, Livebinders is versatile, useful, and simple to use.

Quiz Scorer GameStudents love Quiz Scorer games. At the end of a lesson, click on the link to the game needed (4 teams, 2 teams) and start playing! No advanced planning or preparation is needed. Using gaming strategies in a lesson plan is not only fun for students, now it is unbelievably simple for the teacher!

Google Lit TripsGoggle Lit Trips are free downloadable files that mark the journeys of characters from famous literature, making reading a three-dimensional experience for students. These trips create a fabulous extension to reading for your students, hooking them using modern technology and real world exploration.

Grammar GirlA friendly guide to the writing world, Grammar Girl provides short tips to improve your writing. She covers grammar rules, word choice guidelines, and excellent memory tricks to recall and apply rules. This site is excellent for language learners as well as seasoned writers.

Poll DaddyStudents love to share their opinion. Poll Daddy is a great tool for taking a quick poll of students opinions, ideas, or perspectives. To see some examples of how an English and history teacher used polls with her students, visit

VokiVoki is a tool that allows users to create a talking character. Wildly popular with students, Voki has a suite of powerful tools for bringing life to historical figures, literary characters, animals, and others. These talking creations can easily be embedded into other sites and host comments from other students.

TagxedoTagxedo is a very unique world cloud generator. Upload a speech, poem, essay, news article, or other writing and turn words into a uniquely shaped word clouds. These word clouds become images which can be saved and used in a variety of ways.

Intel's Visual Ranking ToolIntel's Visual Ranking Tools makes the process of ranking items and comparing lists easy. Working in teams, students collaborate and negotiate their reasoning. Then they are able to compare their lists with their classmates' versions. Intel provides powerful lesson plans, strategies for using the tool, and step-by-step instructions for setting up the lesson for student use.

PoppletPopplet describes itself as a place for your ideas. The tool can be incredibly useful as a mind-mapping tool, allowing students to individually or collaboratively create mind maps with words and/or pictures. Timelines, graphic organizers, and semantic maps are just some of the many ways Popplet can be used effectively with learners.

Smile BoxSmile Box is a place for nice spot for creating collages, slideshows, scrapbooks, and photo albums. Without over a 1000 templates, your students will find a wonderful way to share photos from a project, field trip, investigation, science lab experiment, or other class project. This tool not only makes student reflection on learning fun but a method for making the learning stick!

Map GamesMap games are a wonderful way to encourage sharpening of student's map skills. World maps, United States maps, and other map resources are provided on this class wiki. Games vary from easy to extremely challenging.

Anatomy ArcadeAnatomy Arcade make basic human anatomy come alive for students! Free flash games, interactive experiences, and videos are designed for the high school student and up. Anatomy Arcade is in the App store with its popular Whack-a-Bone app.

Math PickleMath Pickle provides videos, games, puzzles, and instructional resources for K-12 math instruction. One section even includes famous unsolved math problems that your students can begin to tackle, even in the elementary grades. A great source of challenging math problems. 


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